Homescreen Bookmarks

Homescreen Bookmarks

As you probably know, The App Store is full of mobile apps, including your favorite tech tip app! But beyond mobile apps developed specifically for the iPhone, there are actually tons of websites that are specially designed for mobile devices. If you have a favorite optimized website that you visit frequently, bookmarking it directly to your home screen with all of your other apps makes it much quicker to access when needed.

Share icon in iOS 7

Share icon in iOS 6 and earlier

To bookmark a site to your iPhone or iPad home screen, while in Safari, select the "share" icon. At the bottom of the share options, select "Add to Home Screen". It even gives you a chance to shorten and rename the title to your liking before you add the icon. Make it fun and give all of your favorite sites personalized nicknames.

Kind of like little home screen pets!

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