Speed Testing...

Speed Testing...

Frustratingly, rather than advertising guaranteed speeds, Internet service providers often quote speeds of "up to" for marketing purposes.  But why is your internet connection still so slow?

You can get to the bottom of this by visiting speedtest.net on your computer or with the Speedtest.net app to check the speed of your Internet connection. This is a valuable tool and lets you find out right away if your connection is up to par.   

Note that the result of your Internet speed is determined by several factors and the result of the speed test may not be 100% accurate. Nonetheless, the test provides enough information to determine relative speeds and changes in speed over time. If the speed test results are much lower than the speeds quoted in your internet package, refer to the results when contacting your service provider.

If the speedtest results suggest you're getting close to speeds, as advertised, and your connection still seems slow, then the likely culprit is one of the devices or networking equipment within your network.

Also, for your own sanity, don't obsessively check speedtest.net!

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