Don't you hate when something weird happens on your computer or mobile phone, but you can't really explain or replicate it when it's time to get tech help? If so, this TipCard will teach you how to immortalize that odd behavior, inexplicable dialog box, or confusing error message.
Windows users: Pressing the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard copies the whole screen image onto your invisible Clipboard.  From here, you can paste into an e-mail message, Word document, or any other program. *Special note* Holding the Alt key while holding down "Print Screen," you will copy only the front window.
Mac users: You actually have a few options for making screen captures.

  1. In the Utilities (Applications) folder, open the "Grab" application. Under the Capture menu, you have several options for selecting how and what you'd like to capture. Pick your favorite.
  2. If you prefer to be a keyboard ninja instead, press Command (⌘)-Shift-3. You will hear a snapshot sound, and a picture of the entire screen image will be saved to your desktop.
  3. By pressing Command-Shift-4, you get a crosshair cursor that allows you to drag and section off just the portion of the screen you want. If you want just a particular window, (after command-shift-4) press the Space bar. This turns the cursor into a small camera icon. Click once on the window you , and your screenshot will be saved.

iPhone and iPad users: By pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time, the screen will flash accompanied by a camera shutter sound. The image will be saved in your Photo folder. Simple as that.
Other useful times for creating screenshots: Add interface pictures for your next instructional manual at the office. Or, provide proof of that amazing high score in Candy Crush. Maybe, you can share a funny text conversation with your bestie. Whatever the case, remember to screenshot responsibly. 😀


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