Having Internet at home is no longer a luxury for most households, and, increasingly, it is necessary to also set up wireless Internet access. 

While many internet providers will set up wireless for you with their equipment, it is often crippled and outdated. We suggest that you set up your own wireless network; you can ensure you're configured to get the best speeds and unfiltered access to all the popular services on the Internet. 

However, there are some things to remember. Don't just plug in the router you buy from Best Buy and start using it. You should make sure that you rename the network name and configure a password and appropriate security settings on the connection. 

We had a client wonder why he could no longer see his home network, "linksys", in the list of available networks on his iPhone. He mentioned, however, that he was able to connect well to his neighbors network called, "UglyPrick Apt." We tactfully informed him that it WASN'T his neighbors network. Because he didn't protect his network settings, the neighbors kids' not only used his network to download unlicensed video games and pirated movies, they decided to rename his network with the off-color moniker!