What are you getting Mom for Mothers Day? The popular iPad? Or maybe some other Apple gadget that she's been hinting about for weeks? Well if you are, don't pay full price, and here's how.

Apple's refurbished section of the online store is packed with laptops, desktop computers, iPods, and iPads at steep discounts. You're probably thinking "refurbished" means these products were floor items or damaged goods. That's not the case at all; so don't be turned off. They're actually in minty fresh condition, equipped with new cases, batteries, and a thorough inspection from Apple. And to top it off, they also have a full 1-year warranty like any other Apple product. 

Just be careful that you review the product details and choose appropriately since some of the items listed are older models. (Need help? Just contact us for product recommendations or ask your Andrews Tech during your next session.)

Though we don't usually recommend that people buy a refurbished product as a gift - the items come in plain white boxes rather than the awesome Apple packaging - I doubt Mom will notice or even care.  She'll just be happy her "lil' pumpkin" got a bargain!


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