Have you received a message that your iPhone or iCloud storage is full? It's likely because of the photos stored in your camera roll. If you’re like most of us, you’ve got hundreds of photos in your phone that you just don’t want to part with. But who says you have to?

Besides freeing up some extra space on your device, transferring your pictures to your computer and backing them up will save you from distress in the event your phone is lost or damaged. Nobody wants to lose their best selfies and precious memories. That’s enough to make a grown man cry.

In addition to the security of having a Plan B, by not transferring your photos, you’re not taking full advantage of all the cool and creative ways to utilize them. One of our favorites is the printed calendar. Not only does it highlight at least 12 of the best pics in your library every month, but you can customize the calendar with some pretty neat options. From adding photos of friends and family members on their respective birthdays, to finding new ways to commemorate holidays with pictures, you’ll be glad you made the transition.

Now everyone, 1…2…3… cheeeese!! Or #duckface



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